External PCIe Cabled Upstream board, able to a data rate up to 260Mbytes/sec.

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PCI express Upstream Card

PCIe Upstream Interface Board

PCIe on Cable Upstream Board, The logical companion of PCIe  downstrem board family, interface PCIeX1 slot on computer for remote I/O PCIe compliant subsystems. The product has a PCI standard size and is pluggable into DeskTop and MiniTower computers. Using a compatible PCIeX1 cable, the user remotes electromechanical hardware up to 7 meters. This system’s distance can be also further extended by using cable repeters. 


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Geb Enterprise Online Shop-100926A1: PCIe GEN1X1 Upstream board

-100816A1: PCIe GEN1X1 Downstream board equipped with EP4CGX15BF14C7N Fpga.

-100816A2: PCIe GEN1X1 Downstream board equipped with EP4CGX30BF14C6N Fpga.



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