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We have made first CAD design in 1987.

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The board design is based on the approved Customer specification.  GEB Enterprise leverages its design board expertise to provide high quality design and  to deliver  boards on-time and on-schedule. Documentation is of paramount importance:  GEB provides comprehensive documentation covering every phase of the project including Requirements,  Specification, Check List , and Verification Test Plan. GEB Enterprise issues  a set of documents submitted by a design review with the client and/or internal quality control, according to  ISO9001 Standard.  Unless otherwise agreed, the documents provided are:

  • At the Project Start: Preliminary  Specification  including  project objectives and main architectural choices.
  • During the last phase of the  Project Execution:  Technical Specification including a detailed description  of the implemented design,  guideline for the possible SW programming and Test Plan.
  • At the end of the Testing Phase:  Technical Report and/or Check List  including  the results of  the tests performed.


Technical  consistency of the proposed design is checked  through simulation of possible  FPGA  and related hardware resources, such as memories and peripherals. The project also includes the phase of schematic entry and related  standard checks. The JTAG Testability Analysis is performed upon agreement with the Customer.


GEB Enterprise tailors  the  PCB service to suit various Customers objectives and  different engagement models:
In the first model the PCB layout,  manufacturing and  assembly services  are made by GEB while in the second model  they are made by Customer’s qualified  third-party.


Whatever the  business model, GEB  provides boards test service using  the HW / SW   instrumentation and test benches  as agreed  in the Technical Specification.


The "Concurrent Engineering" development model enables GEB Enterprise to provide a "Turn Key" solution with full Customer satisfaction,  from Specification to  Production Phase:  our expertise in numerous fields guarantees that GEB will identify the best technology for your application while meeting project and production deadlines. Ask GEB for details on Turn Key Service!




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