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Full test of all interface types, including LVDS AC coupled

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GEB designs and manufactures test Fixtures for BSCAN programs. The BSCAN test program  can be developed by GEB or by the Customer.

The BSCAN test Fixtures   allows you to:


  • Power supply the board
  • Mechanically hold the board
  • Interface not standard UUT test connectors BSCAN chain to BSCAN POD standard connectors
  • Mechanically hold the Boundary Scan  Parallel Port (BSPIO)
  • Connect signals present on connectors UUT, to the Boundary Scan Parallel Port (BSPIO)


The GEB has developed proprietary software that analyzes the netlist of the UUT in order to identify the interconnections, thus allowing us to achieve rapid configuration and interconnections list for the test fixture  This software is able to determine, quickly and accurately, all the board interfaces and their accessibility by BSCAN nodes and optimizes the interconnections thus allowing an accurate routing of the connection traces.

GEB offers two types of fixture:

Semicustom Fixture: based on GEB products Fixture Development Kit (FDK) and  Boundary Scan Parallel IO (BSPIO),  allows you to achieve Fixture with up to 624 IOs, using standard carrier boards, flat cables and customizing interface boards to standardized UUT (UUT Adapters)











                           Simplex                                                         BSPIO 


Custom Fixture: based on GEB products Boundary Scan Parallel I/O (BSPIO) and  box  DTB19-2U (Desk Top Box 19"2U), allows us to achieve Fixture with up to 1560 IOs, using custom carrier boards.



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