PCIe Standard PC CARD

PC PCIE format fpga target card with 53I/O, interrupt and DMA

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PCIe Intel FPGA card, PC format

Simple Intel (Altera) Fpga Pcie Card

GEB High Performance System On Card PCIe card includes, all-in-one, whatever is needed to start using the advanced features of Intel® (Altera) CycloneIV-GX family and features a socketed board with an EP4CGX15. All technology FPGA power management, distribution and decoupling, fine pitch package connection, multilayer PCB manufacturing, double side PCB mounting and testing requirements are met by PCIe system Block Diagram inside CycloneIV FPGASopc-Card board. It is also available a programming interface on the board support in-system programming (ISP) using Intel® Byte Blaster and JTAG programming and testing. The FPGA hardware design can be easily supported by QSYS  the Intel® (Altera) system editor, VHDL language or a combination of them two. The available drivers fully support application development on various Operative Systems, such as Microsoft Windows series, Linux or specific RT/OS. The expansion connectors allow easy interface with AD/DA or others suitable interface daughter boards. DSP Builder or SOPC builder, or QSYS, allows DSP preprocessing, data management and high speed data transfer from/to host CPU.



PCIe Altera Fpga PC Board

  • PCI Express (PCIe) standard size
  • Up to 53 user I/O digital channels, 3.3V LVTTL standard, each one with independent sense, drive, bi-directional, and tri-state capabilities.
  • Up to 2 user output clocks signals (1 with dedicated PLL), 3.3V LVTTL standard.
  • One user input clocks signal, 3.3V LVTTL standard, with dedicated PLL
  • Single 3.3 V power supply voltage.
  • Wake up support
  • User available FPGA resources:
    • EP4CGX15BF14C7N: 14400LE, 540Kbits RAM, 3xPLL
    • EP4CGX30BF14C6N: 29440LE, 1080Kbits RAM, 4xPLLs, 80xMult.18X18
  • Boot device
  • 1 Power supply monitor and reset circuities.
  • One Test Access Ports (TAPs).
  • On board crystal oscillator
  • Fully-compatible to JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan standard an Intel® USB blaster connector on front panel
  • Optional 2MBytes SRAM module


  • 1XSamtech FTS-113-01-F-DV 1,27mm pitch on top sided
  • 1XSamtech FTS-117-01-F-DV 1,27mm pitch on top sided
  • Intel®  (Altera) Santa Cruz connettors set (J11-J12-J13) interface, 3.3 V input tolerant and 3.3V output capable.
  • Low density (100mills) 20pins J14 connector on front panel with 16 I/O, clocks, and wake up signals
  • 1xHigh density, Samtech QSH-030-01-L-DA-RT1 0.5mm pitch on bottom sideo Medium density (fitted on Request on special versions).

(*1) User I/O connectors are available on the top, on the bottom, and on the front side.


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Geb Enterprise Online Shop-100815A1: Equipped with EP4CGX15BF14C7N Fpga, 14400LE, 540Kbits RAM

-100815A2: Equipped with EP4CGX30BF14C6N Fpga Fpga 29440LE, 1080Kbits RAM, 80xMult.18X18



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