PCIe Cabled DownStream board, up to 230Mbytes/sec. Fpga System and DMA Driver

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Cyclone4GX PCIe DownStream

This product allows to extending the host PCI Express bus through a high-speed cable. Using a PCIe compliant cable, the PCI Express bus can be extended up to seven meters from the host CPU.

Boards PCIe downstream and PCIe Upstream connected togetherPCI Express on cable is the first architecture supporting high-end embedded applications, it is a PCI and PCIe compatible expansion and extension cable. PCI Express officially abbreviated as PCIe, is a computer expansion standard card  designed to replace the older PCI, PCI-X, and AGP standards.  PCI Express standard has been developed by PCI-SIG group.

Transmitting the host bus over copper cables opens a new world in the embedded design area. The PCIe cabling solution allows a system configuration having a high-end computing core in a cooled area that is hosting an embedded and remote I/O subsystems, with different thermal environment. The host and I/O system may have different form factors, specifically suited for the environmental or performance requirements of each sub-system. For example, a high-end, dual Intel Xeon class host system provides the user with the computing power for an and a high-speed data link to a high-end embedded I/O subsystem based on MicroTCA, PC/104, 3U CompactPCI Express, or proprietary form factor. 



  • Downstream PCI Express on Cable Interface
  • Up to 230Mbytes/sec transfer rate in burst (DMA) full duplex read and write accessGEB PCIE Downstream Board with Cyclone IV Altera Fpga
  • Up to 10 Mbytes/sec transfer rate in single random read/write access
  • Up to 150Mbytes/sec transfer rate in burst (DMA) half duplex read or write access
  • 53 LVTTL 3V3 digital I/O user channels, each one with independent sense, drive, bi-directional, and tri-state capabilities
  • 2 User LVTTL output clocks (1 output with dedicated PLL)
  • 1 User LVTTL input clocks with dedicated PLL 
  • Single 3V3 Power Supply
  • High density connector , 1x Samtech QSH-030-01-L-DA-RT1 on bottom side
  • Medium density connectors , 2x Samtech FTS-1XX-02-F-DV on top side
  • Peripheral to host wake up support
  • Remote host to peripheral power on support
  • Hot insertion support
  • User resources available on FPGA:
    • EP4CGX15BF14C7N: 14400LE, 540Kbits RAM, 3xPLL
    • EP4CGX30BF14C6N: 29440LE, 1080Kbits RAM, 4xPLLs, 80xMult.18X18
  • Boot device
  • Power on monitor and reset circuitry
  • One test access port (TAP) to control the I/O channels
  • On board crystal oscillator
  • Boundary-scan, JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 standard compatible
  • Board size: 50x67 mm.
  • Optional 2MBytes add-on module


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Geb Enterprise Online Shop-100816A1: Equipped with EP4CGX15BF14C7N Fpga and Samtec FTS connectors.

-100816A2: Equipped with EP4CGX30BF14C6N Fpga and Samtec FTS connectors.

-100997A2: MBBA adpter, required for programming



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