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Som Module OS Free based on Intel (Altera) FPGA

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pico SOM Card Cyclone II Altera FPGA

Typical applications of this SOM are in the “Smart Core” of smart subsystem such as motors, sensors position, graphic leds matrix, communication controller in digital, analog and power signals, management of setup parameters, command, status and faults.


In the typical application, the SOM module is hosted on the application board such as a doughter. The application board must host the application interface circuities and the physical interfaces of the SOM communication channel, such as RS4222/RS485, USB, CAN and so on.

Bare Metal, Fpga, Pico SOM module


  • Single 3V3 Power Supply
  • Dual 32 Ways SMT header connectors
  • Fpga Pico SOM module
  • 57 LVTTL 3V3 digital I/O.
  • On Borad SRAM, 2Mbytes (1Mx16)
  • On Board EEPROM, 32Kbytespico SOM module with Altera FPGA, bottom view
  • 1xRS232 Inputs & 1xRS232 Outputs
  • Power monitor 
  • Power On Reset and Reset push button
  • 1.2V Core Power Supply
  • One Test Access Ports (TAPs) IEEE 1149.1
  • Board Size 60x40x9mm


pico SOM FPGA Module Block Diagram


Pre compiled Board Support Package (BSP) and SOPC builder or QSYS System Editors allows the user to easy fit on the Soc Boards customized version of Altera NIOS-II softcore.  A large set of NIOS-II Peripherals or GEB peripherals IP can be connected to NIOS-II I/O bus to generate a specific application control system on Som Card.


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-120529A1: SOM Module equipped with EP2C5TC144 FPGA, 2Mbytes SRAM, 32Kbytes EEPROM.






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