Advanced VHDL Design Techniques

The class deepens the VHDL encoding style for best performance

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VEC101E: Advanced VHDL Training

Fpga programming courses series

In this VHDL advanced training you will learn & practice efficient coding techniques for writing synthesizable VHDL for programmable logic devices (FPGAs & CPLDs). While the concepts presented will mainly target Intel® (Altera®) FPGA devices using the Quartus® Prime software, many can be applied to other devices & synthesis tools.

It’s showing a VHDL simulation by Modelsim done during Vhdl advanced training

You will gain experience writing behavioral & structural code & learn to effectively code common logic functions including registers, memory, & arithmetic functions.


You will use VHDL constructs to parameterize your designs to increase their flexibility & reusability.


You will also be introduced to testbenches, VHDL constructs used to build them, & common ways to write them. The exercises will use the Quartus Prime software version to process VHDL code & ModelSim®-Intel® software for simulation.


Course duration: 2 days


At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Develop coding styles for efficient synthesis when:
      • Targeting device features
      • Inferring logic functions
      • Using arithmetic operators
      • Writing state machines
  • Use Quartus Prime software RTL Viewer to verify correct synthesis results
  • Incorporate structural blocks in VHDL designs
  • Write simple testbenches for verification
  • Create parameterized designs



We recommend completing the following courses:

  • Introdution to VHDL


Skills Required

  • Completion of the "Introduction to VHDL" course or some prior knowledge and use of VHDL
  • Background in digital logic design
  • Understanding of synthesis and simulation processes



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